40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 3 – Group Bible Study


23 Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.
24 See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting. (Psalm 139:23-24)


Today marks the third and final day of our group Bible study.  The comments over the last two days have been extremely enlightening and a clear reflection of quality time spent with God.

We’ll close this group Bible study by focussing on the last few verses of Psalm 139 as we continue to consider the theme Our Identity.

It is quite interesting that in the passage from Psalm 139 that we read on Day 1, the Psalmist declares how much God knows him (verses 1 – 12), but now, in verse 23 he asks God to search and test him.  If God knows him perfectly, why the invitation to be searched and tested?

Ask God for his guidance as you consider this passage and try to internalize what it is saying.


Something to think about:

  • Why might the Psalmist’s request to be searched and tested be extremely important in understanding and developing his identity?  How might this apply to you?


Please keep sharing your thoughts. They are making a big difference.

10 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 3 – Group Bible Study

  1. This is a very interesting dynamic that God knows everything about David yet he tells God to search him and test him in order to know his heart and his anxious thoughts. David understood that if there was anyone to show him these things about himself it was God ( the one who knows his true identity). David was self evaluating so that God could show him who he really is and help him to know how to improve himself in light of who God created him to be. The one who gave him his identity is the one he ask to constantly show him his identity. This is wisdom from above and I am going to apply this to my own life.

  2. When I think of the times that I usually call upon this verse, it’s usually more about me taking that inventory of my motives that God. By inviting Him to search me I become more introspective, truly considering what He might discover. Lord, what truth will You find in Your search of my thoughts and motives? That cause pause and reflection on my part.
    He knows me better than myself and in His search convicts me when I am out of alignment with His will.

  3. David wanted to truly & humbly know his weaknesses and to correct them. He knew he needed God to show them to him, that self-examination could not reveal them.

    I need to continuously humbly ask God to show me my weaknesses, in attitudes, thoughts, words & actions; and to ensure with God’s help to change, to know & to do his will each day & in all circumstances.

  4. In applying this to myself, this invitation highlights the openness in my relationship with God, where we talk and share everything. It is open acknowledgement of my sinfulness (me not hididng or pretending; me being truthful and trusting God with the information I am sharing with Him). This openness helps me to to guard against self-righteousness as well as to have complete reliance and dependence on God. I just love my Daddy 🙂

  5. Nothing left for me to add as each one of you have taught me something.

  6. I often use these verses when I begin a time of prayer because, I know that there is “stuff”/ blindspots/motives of my heart that distort the truth about/my perception of God and others that will inevitably affect my walk with and witness of God. Can be painful but freedom and greater intimacy follows!!! God is so loving and gracious!! 🙂

  7. We are not different to David’s inner being in not seeing clearly our own selves. it is not always what we think and do that is correct or wholesome and having God’s Spirit within us to light the way is sometimes shocking when we understand over and over again our wrongs. I truly wish I could keep above any of my weak and sinful ways, then I remember when we are weak we are strong because he comes to show and rescue us again and again. Thank you Lord.

  8. These two verses brought back to my memory two phrases, ” be true to thyself” and from my parents ” self praise is no praise”. I may be good at something, but it must be verified by an external reliable source.

    Feedback can be used an accountability tool . The concept of the Johari Window allows for knowing and understanding yourself.

    The four areas covered are:

    What i Know about myself that others know.
    What i know about myself that other people don’t know.
    What i don’t know about myself that others know.
    What i don’t know about myself.

    The call to search me from the psalmist is one that will lead to a genuine relationship with God.

    My question is, do we have what it takes to enter into a genuine relationship with God. Are we ready for full disclosure.

    Some thoughts.


  9. The Psalmist displays an attitude of transparency and trust in these closing verses. To allow God to identify and develop our identity these are essential ingredients. In the secular world, a mentor’s effectiveness is aided by the transparency and trust of the mentee. Such is also the case with God and his children. Except, God doesn’t need our transparency because he is all knowing. It is the Child of God who needs to practice transparency to demonstrate trust.

  10. Even though we know God knows our hearts and thoughts, we still say, do and think things that are offensive to Him. These passages remind me of God’s omniscience and the importance that I need to be all-in and “100” with Him all the time.

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