40 Days of Discipline

Getting Started


The following quote from “A Man’s Guide to Spiritual Disciplines” by Patrick Morley provides a useful definition of Spiritual Disciplines: 
“Spiritual disciplines are the regular practice men cultivate when they want a closer walk with Christ. The spiritual disciplines can help us break a cycle or get out of a rut. Disciplines are the spiritual habits by which we cultivate a deeper relationship with the Lord of heaven and earth. We perform the disciplines because we want to please God, to lead peaceable lives, to be godly husbands, to raise godly children and to be men of God.”  
The quote was written for a male audience but has equal application to everyone.  Spiritual disciplines will not save you.  We are saved by grace through faith!  However, the spiritual disciplines are essential for growth.  

Brief History
In 2012, the Men’s Group at Westside Community Church in Trinidad & Tobago studied two books covering Spiritual Disciplines:
  1. “A Man’s Guide to Spiritual Disciplines” by Patrick Morley, and
  2. “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster.

At the end of the study, the group decided to put into practice what was learned by dedicating time every day over Lent in 2013 to focus on selected Disciplines.  This amounts to 40 days not counting Sundays. This was the birth of “40 Days of Discipline”.  Soon other members of the church joined the journey and now, in the ninth year there are participants across the globe.

Background and Instructions
While recognizing that there is a long list of potential Spiritual Disciplines, the 40 Days of Discipline program focuses on eleven that the original participants focused on back in 2013.  Background material for each Discipline is provided in a document which can be accessed by selecting the Discipline tab in the menu for this website. Please note that the background material on the Disciplines is predominantly based on the two books mentioned above.
The Journey starts on Ash Wednesday, and ends on Easter Sunday.  Each day, participants receive a brief e-mail directing them to the blog post for the day.  We always start with a Group Bible Study.  After the Group Bible Study, each day will be dedicated to a Discipline until the final week.  During the final week we focus on activities associated with Holy Week.  This website provides a calendar of activities in case you want to look ahead to see what Disciplines will be covered on what day.  Alternatively, you can just wait to see what the daily e-mail says.  Saturdays are reserved for reviewing key lessons from the week.   The theme for the 2023 journey is:  “Thanksgiving and Rejoicing“, and we will engage with the theme through the lens of the Disciplines.  Daily activities can be reviewed by clicking on the blog tab.  
So, what will you have to do during Lent? Well, beyond reading the background information on this website, you will be guided daily by a facilitator to keep you focused on the Disciplines during the period of Lent. The daily instructions will be posted on the blog page of this site.  During Lent, please visit this blog site daily and share your comments as well.