40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 11 – Bible Study


Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved, a worker who does not need to be ashamed and who correctly handles the word of truth. (2 Timothy 2:15)


This year we are going to take a different approach to discussing the challenges we face when we attempt to consistently practice Spiritual Disciplines.  Most of you will no doubt have seen Dear Abby or Dear Pastor letters in newspapers. In these letters people ask for advice on a range of topics.  We are going to have our own sharing forum. First we need a name for our forum. Since our objective in to grow in our love for God and others, we will come up with a nickname for Love Builders.  How about Dear Libby?  You will play the part of Libby and share your thoughts on the challenges people are having.  Today we have a letter from Sam.  Please share your thoughts and check the comments throughout the day to see what others are saying to Sam.


Dear Libby,

I don’t often assess how I am doing with Bible Study but when I do, I feel disappointed.  I am disappointed because I realize that I don’t consistently study the Bible.  I know that it is good that I read the Bible sometimes, but I also know that reading isn’t necessarily studying.  If I am honest I can’t say that I study.

Sometimes I feel as if I am speaking out of two sides of my mouth.  On one hand I say that the Bible is the word of God but on the other hand it is not important enough to be in my calendar.  Sometimes, I am not even sure I know how to organize myself to study.

I need some practical advice because I don’t like the disappointed feeling.




Today’s Question:

What thoughts would you like to share with Sam?

6 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 11 – Bible Study

  1. Dear Sam,
    Thanks for being so transparent. Rest assured you are not alone in this area. If you are not already a part of a local church that would be my first suggestion. This will offer support, resources and some level of accountability. I would then recommend finding a small group that is currently covering a topic or specific book of the Bible.
    One of my personal favorites for Bible Study is through the organization, Bible Study Fellowship. They do an in depth study on a particular book of the Bible. Hope this helps.
    Sincerely, Libby

  2. Reading the bible alone at home may not mean your studying, but still it is better than not reading the biblle at all. For me, even the random reading of the bible is still helpful for my growth as a Christian. Of course I will not know everything in the bible, but reading it alone and regularly at home gives me inspiration. We should not be discouraged when we feel like we don’t understand all that is in the bible or we don’t read as much as we ought to read everyday. I guess , I become more motivated to read and learn the Word of God when I attend a bible study group. Another way I remember a verse is when I’m listening to KLove Christian music station and the DJ will share and explain some scriptures that I would take note right at the moment I heard it, then later I would check or go back to that verse and ponder on that scripture. For me, praying and reading the bible should go hand in hand. Sonetimes if I really cannot understand a certain verse that I am reading, I stop and I just pray asking the Lord to enlighten me. There are also times when I can easily comprehend and even relate to the bible passages that I am reading snd soon enough Infeel very happy and blessed.
    There are also times I feel I’m moved by the Word of God. So to you Sam I will share the advice of one Pastor in my daughter’s church in Canada He said, don’t be discouraged when reading/ studying God’s Word because the Lord’s purpose can compass you to the right direction.

  3. I do not go to Bible study. My way to study is to read a Book of the Bible over and over, until I have some understanding. My constant source of information, meditation, praise, and worship is the Psalms.

  4. What is practical depend on the circumstances of your life.

  5. Sam,

    In Hebrews 10 the Bible encourages us to spur each other on toward love and good deeds. In the case of Bible Study some for of accountability can be very helpful. As suggested above the use of a local church, Bible Study group or other formal association can provide this accountability. However, as also pointed out, your particular life circumstance might make a typical group difficult at this stage. The important thing is to find a method of accountability that works for you.

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