40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 31 – Creation


For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature—have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that people are without excuse. (Romans 1:20)


Today we will focus on how the Discipline of Creation can support our efforts to minister to a world in need.  In my view, the world is increasingly oblivious to divine wonder.  In the general public, there is certainly still a sense of amazement in the areas of entertainment and technology; and nature has been getting a lot more focus because of climate related concerns about the environment.  However, the awe that should be evident from observing God’s power in creation is very hard to find.

We who often sing “How great thou art” have a responsibility to introduce the creator to His creation. As a starter, we should ensure that we take the time to observe God’s work in “awesome wonder”. The Bible clearly teaches that nature is one the vehicles through which God reveals himself.

Please prayerfully read the passage above and consider the question below.



What do you consider to be best practices in seeing God in creation?


7 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 31 – Creation

  1. For me, some of the best practices of seeing God in nature include: 1. Reading His word. 2. Observing nature e.g birds, they don’t worry about mortgage, paying loans. 3. Miraculous recovery of persons, for which medical professionals cannot explain. 4. Innocence of children, trusting others-something we have lost as we grow older.

  2. To me, being able to worship and to give praise to our creator, Christ the Lord , is the best practice we can do, to really actually see or appreciate our creator and Lord, Jesus. I think I can give a very good example. Last weekend , here in Japan the governor of Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture requested the people to refrain from going out to slow the spread of the pandemic, corona virus. This last weekend was actually the best time to see the bloomed cherry blossom trees, the peak time where if not for the Coronavirus crisis, all parks, gardens, will be fully packed with people. They will do the picnic under the trees and the culture “hanami” will be be practiced. Everyone just wants to do that every year, the culture of “flower viewing”in English. For some private companies in Japan, this is a big event. They will have drinking, singing, eating time under the trees at night after work. So, this year many were saying that it’s so sad that Japanese people cannot physically be near the trees because there were guards at the entrance of the park not allowing group of people to gather inside the park near the cherry trees. Well, in my case, the sadness I feel is not becauseI cannot go closer to the trees in the park this year, I think my sadness flows from the fact that many Japanese appreciate so much the beautiful cherry blossom trees especially during its blooming season, but very few of them is grateful to the one who created it. They thank the nature, sun, rain or the gardeners tending the park/ garden, but not God. Many Japanese only go to their shrine or temple once a year, usually January 1st, to thank God and ask for anything they want to happen or that blessing be given to them for the new year. That’s just the culture of Japan. So for me, whenever I’m with the non believer Japanese friends, I always try to show them that I’m grateful and worshiping My God, Jesus whenever we are together doing “Hanami “or flower viewing. I think I find it so random in me to just make the people I’m with, see the joy I have in praising God for all His creation. If I’m walking together with a friend after gym, and we passed some beautiful flowers, I can just tell my unbeliever friend , “see how God gives us beautiful flowers at this spring time?” or, when it’s a fine day, I will say, praise Jesus for this beautiful day. It’s different when I’m with a Christian friend though, doing cherry blossom viewing because from my experience, there was a time, because my friend and I are full of gratefulness for the beautiful nature, we started singing worship song. We suddenly find ourselves singing some worship songs we sing in the choir. I think those random moments give glory to our creator. I also experience one time , while running outside ( nowadays I cannot frequent the gym due to coronavirus), I’m just full of awe and gratefulness as I passed the beautiful cherry trees, and with that I find myself started saying a prayer just thanking God and praising Him for his beautiful creation!

  3. My best practice is to go outside (or look up from my computer and look outside). It’s hard for me to miss the shouts of adoration and praise in the sights, smells and sounds nature produces. Usually I’m outside for a run. My view has changed from the sandy beaches and eastern observance of sunrise to the sun rising over the dogwood and pine trees, the yellow pollen that covers everything, the bunny rabbits and deers, chipmunks and squirrels, the sound of birds as a morning alarm, etc etc 🙂
    I miss all that if I’m inside. I miss all that if I don’t look up. My soul cries out Hallelujah this morning! I don’t want a rock praising Him because I won’t. Many of my social media post are related to nature and that’s way to call attention to the Creator’s handy works.

  4. Ever so often when I see a newborn baby or an incredibly jaw-dropping nature scene, I say, “Wow! That has to be God! I actually say that out loud sometimes. Sometimes it’s to myself, and sometimes it’s to my husband.

    All we have to do is look up and around us, and we can’t miss God’s creation. It’s just that many people don’t appreciate it. We sometimes take God’s creation for granted.

    Sometimes weird questions or statements pop into my mind when I see certain things. I know I have told my husband more than once while watching tv, that I think it’s so cool that there are so many people in the world and God was able to make them all look different. To me that’s mind-blowing.

    I don’t watch nature shows/documentaries as much as I’d like, but I remember watching one and being totally impressed by how the actions of one group of animal can cause a domino effect on the actions of another. It’s not something I would even fathom, but it’s actually, once again, mind-blowing to me. The animals wouldn’t be able to behave this way if God didn’t create them to behave as such.

    There are so many ways to see God in creation. Don’t let me get started on the planets. 🙂 When I see something amazing about creation, I often wonder how anyone can believe that Creation was accidental.

  5. Wow nature!
    Too amazing to believe this is an accident.
    People yes but sometimes I think not ha ha
    But animals,birds ,flowers.

  6. “Lift up your eyes”!
    These four words has taken on new meaning for me in recent weeks after preparing a sermon, entitled ” The Omnipotent God” which was focused of on Isaiah 40.
    In verse 26, God speaks these words and proceed to present another of the reasons why He and only He is God as He invites us to look at His heavenly creations. “The heavens declare the glory of God…” Psalm 19:1ff
    So I try to make that more of a practice now as well as lifting up my eyes to see the birds that visit the bird feeders in my back yard.

  7. Late getting back on this. Parable of good seed is an aside bringing me to watching seeds sprout. Tiny specs grow into huge plants. The Oak , by an acorn. The Sycamore by the flying seeds that look like tiny wings. The Mahoghany by its decorative seed. So many to mention. But it’s the seasons. The 4 of the Temperate climates and the wet and dry of the countries nearer the Equator. We have to think of the song ..A time for etc. Each spring there is the Cherry Blossom featured in Japan, but theres the same in the Netherlands and other European places. An ex neighbour in UK by coincidence sent me a photo I shot of an absolute beauty they had in their garden years ago. In the West Indies we have the Pink and yellow Poui alerting us to the seasonal changes. Isn’t that marvellous that His creations guide us throughout the year. Best thing is, humans cannot argue with nature. We try hard to destroy but out of Ashes come new growth. After the floods the soil is fertilised in some places annually. Fruits bear, flowers bloom to feed us and the wildlife even without prompting . But the best and my answer is Day and Night, Sun and Rain. Our everlasting circles of life.

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