40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 13 – Fasting (extra credit Discipline)

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So, did you try a fast from the television?  How did it go?  Are you praying about the food fast tomorrow (Thursday)?  Remember the caution with regards to medical condition.

 Before providing your action for today, here is a little more theory on fasting.

 If we fast, how should we?

  • In Matthew 6:16-18 Christ explains that fasting is not to be a show of our supposed righteousness before men, but that it’s a personal affair between us and God and that by all outward appearance, no one should be aware of our fasting. Our dress and demeanour should not broadcast to others that we’re fasting, which is a matter between us and God and our service to him.
  • In Isaiah 58:3-5 God explains that fasting is not to be for selfish pleasure or gain. God takes no pleasure with us going without food or drink to impress Him for selfish gain or at the expense of others. God will not take note of someone who is fasting with the wrong attitude.
  • Fasting is an individual matter between Christians and God.  It should be done with humility as we draw closer to God.

For today, consider a computer fast for at least a part of the day.  Except for absolutely necessary work or school requirements use the computer only to pursue Bible study and prayer and your work on the Disciplines, of course.

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