40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 9 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)

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If you were not in the habit of spending quality time in Bible Study, what have you decided to change in your schedule?  Something has to give.  If you are still struggling, ask God to show you the choices you need to make to give him the time he deserves.

Let’s continue meditating on Psalm 23:1(a).  Ask God for his wisdom.  We have now looked at “The”, “Lord”, “is” and “my”.  Today we look at “shepherd”.    Here are your 4 questions to answer:

  1. Why do you think David used the image of a shepherd?
  2. What instance(s) in the New Testament can you recall where the image of a shepherd is used?
  3. What are some of the key activities of a shepherd that comes to mind?
  4. What kind of comfort do you take from the imagery of God as a Shepherd?

If you have been diligent, by now you are an experienced blogger.  So why not go all the way and leave a comment so that others can benefit from your thoughts. Take a walk on the wild side :-).

One thought on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 9 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)

  1. I am actually very comforted by David’s use of the word “Shepherd”. It brings to mind the care and attention of the Shepherd for the sheep. He prevents their straying, guards and protects them from prey, he calls to them, they listen and know his voice and respond. I even read that the Shepherd might disable a sheep that continually strays — for it’s own protection. Hmmmm makes you understand why sometimes our Lord puts us under to teach us a lesson or to make us slow down……for our own good. He is absolutely trustworthy — we need ask no questions!!

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