40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 8 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)


So, were you more like Martha yesterday or like Mary?  Remember, your calendar reflects your priorities.  If you haven’t been able to find quality time over the last eight days, really ask yourself why your quality time with God doesn’t make your high priority list.

Let’s continue meditating on Psalm 23:1(a).  Ask God to give you new insights.  We have now looked at “The”, “Lord” and “is”.  Today we look at “my”.    Here are your 4 questions to answer:

  1. What sentiment does the word “my” evoke?
  2. Does the use of “my” strike you as presumptuous or irreverent in reference to the LORD?
  3. What are you usually most proud to use the term “my” with?
  4. How could the use of “my” with “Lord” practically be used more often in your daily life?

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2 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 8 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)

  1. 1. When I think of “My” I can think of a relationship between me and something or someone else. A connection, a link, a togetherness. I exist and My “X” exists with me. I am not alone, I share something with My “X”. I and a Pen are two different and separate things, but if I say My pen, then it becomes two together, linked. I just remembered the movie Cast Away, Tom Hanks and Wilson the ball, there was a special relationship between the two of them, for Him it was “My” ball, “My” friend. Even when it is objects, we establish deep relationships with things: My money, My house, My invention. And yes, there is a sense of pride in it as well. Even though when nothing belongs to us, we fool ourselves and become proud of My “X,Y or Z”.
    2. When I use “My” for Lord, I don’t feel it as presumptuous or irreverent. I think it is because inherently we understand the Lord is above anyone or anything else. In this case, I feel the opposite; there is a sense of humility that comes to say My Lord. It is like saying My Master, you are big and I am small and I am perfectly well with it. It is a privilege I can call you My Lord, My Master.
    3. This is a tough question for me. If I feel proud of something or someone as “mine”, I try to be very careful, because I think it can become and idol. If I feel proud of something as mine I feel I am deceiving myself, because really nothing belongs to me, as Job said: Naked I came from my mother’s womb, and naked I will depart. I try nothing overwhelms me in this world, no possessions, no nothing. But if I give a deeper thought to this question I think I have a “My” I am proud of, “My” performance at work. I never thought of this before, and this tells me I need to ask God for forgiveness. Just now I realize I feel superior to others who supposedly do not work as well as I do. Of course I never say it, but it is inside me. I need to seek God for this.
    4. Today I have come to two realizations. One, I feel very happy that I can say freely “My Lord”, and see more of this connection between Him and me, a more meaningful relationship is generated by this thought. Two, I need to address how I feel about “My” performance at work; I really need to humble myself, just now I see I have been deceiving myself on this area.
    Thanks for the questions, it is a great exercise. It is helping me lots.

  2. The word “my” evoke strong emotions within me for two main reasons. The first being personal in that their is joy in knowing something that belongs to you that can never be taken away on this earth and in heaven – my God, my Jesus, my saviour. This represent the external and eternal dimension.

    The second aspect, refers to my in a temporal sense on earth. While God Blesses us with life on earth we have access, use of certain things on earth. We will never own them.

    Presently, I am proud to use the word “my” with my children and grandchild.

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