40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 5 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)


Welcome to the review of the Bible Study Discipline.

How would you feel if you wrote important letters to your loved ones and they would not read your letters carefully?  Can you imagine how God feels when we don’t carefully study his Word.  Please ensure that you have read about the Discipline of Bible Study on the http://www.40daysofdiscipline.com/ website.   Remember Bible study and Bible reading are not necessarily the same thing.


We will spend the next 6 days practicing doing more than just Bible reading.  Recognizing that some of you already practice the Discipline of Bible Study, the exercise won’t be overly complex. If you are already doing a study (not just a reading) then please continue your study and spend a little bit more time on the exercise described below.  I recommend that you block out at least 30 minutes each day where you can focus on Bible Study without distraction.  Remember, your calendar demonstrates your priorities.

So here is the exercise for the next 6 days.  We are going to focus on an extremely popular passage of scripture, Psalms 23:1(a): “The Lord is my shepherd”.  For the first 5 days we will focus on only one word and you will be asked to answer 4 questions for each word.  This might appear odd but please trust the process.  On the 6th day we will summarize.

So, your task for today is to answer the questions related to the word “The”.  Please prayerfully answer the following questions:

  1. For those of us who are not English grammatical experts, recall that “The” is a definite article.  What significance do you see in the use of the definite article?
  2. How would the meaning change if an indefinite article like “a” or “an” were used instead?
  3. Why might the use of the definite article be of significance to the Children of Israel based on their history?
  4. How could your answers be of specific significance to you (make it personal)?

Take the time to write your answers down and if you feel led to share something with the rest of the group please leave a comment.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 5 – Bible Study (basic Discipline)

  1. “The” represents absolute, one only – there is no other choice. “a” or “an” indicated there is more than one.
    The children of Israel experienced the concept of many gods.

  2. An article is used to introduce a noun, a specific noun. A or An would describe a non specific noun. The children of Israel had lots of gods, but for distinction that it’s not any of their false gods.. “The” would bring a distinction. For me “The” would be a reminder that it’s not “The” clothes, “The” money, “The” children, “The” husband, but “The” Lord who is my head..

  3. The use of the definite article gives significance to the person referred to – that there is no other on which we should focus- one true Lord and God. The children of Israel needed to have this truth as a Reminder in the midst of all the distractions around them.

  4. 1. “The” is God’s emphasis on Himself, “The” one true God.
    2. ‘a’/’an’ refer to any idolized small ‘g’ god that is given more credibility than “The” God whose command, “Thou shalt have no other gods before Me,” is to be obeyed.
    3. Based on biblical history, “The” refers to the THE only God of Israel.
    4. Personal significance: a) I rely on Holy Spirit conviction when who/what is god in my Christian walk. b) Before “The” one true God, I deepen renewed faith, through repentance, submission, obedience to Him, “The”only God.

  5. Man is given the authority to subdue the earth and everything in it, all of its “a”s and “an”s, everything but the “The”, who is above it all, who is sovereign.
    “The” = Sovereign

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