40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 15 – Fasting


16 “When you fast, do not look somber as the hypocrites do, for they disfigure their faces to show others they are fasting. Truly I tell you, they have received their reward in full.  17 But when you fast, put oil on your head and wash your face, 18 so that it will not be obvious to others that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. (Matthew 6:16 – 18)


Today is dedicated to Fasting.  I encourage you to make a significant sacrifice (e.g. at least two meals or no social media).  As a reminder, if you are considering a food fast, please take your health into account.

Please prayerfully read the passage above and consider following the instructions below.


  • Prepare a prayer list that includes world events, governments, people who are suffering, unsaved people in your sphere of influence, and missionaries you know.
  • Make your prayer requests as specific as possible.
  • Spend time at the start of the day asking God to prepare your heart and mind for the day of fasting.
  • Spend quality time worshipping God and praying throughout the day.
  • Finally, if you feel led, please share words of encouragement during your day of fasting.



11 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 15 – Fasting

  1. My answer here also covers the previous question. About fasting I cannot specifically write here what I’m fasting for this lent season. It seems I’ve been doing a lot of fasting since the beginning of the breakout of Coronavirus here in Japan. I’m saying this because for three weeks now all my favorite activities in the gym were cancelled. My daily routine suddenly changed and I realized nowadays, I’m spending more time talking to the Lord in prayer because I’m bored and I want the corona virus to disappear. My only way, to feel secure and safe is to be in the arms of the Lord thru my prayers. Usually I never miss all my dance and other workout classes( mega dance, zumba, aerobics, belly dance, flamenco dance, yoga and ballet stretch class). For this reason, I find I have a lot of time reflecting and talking to the Lord in prayer. I also get to do in advance the lessons/ assignments from my bible study groups in my church here. We only meet by Zoom meeting these days. So many are paranoid not only here in Japan but all over the world. But, I’m grateful that God gives me peace and calmness amidst all the pandemic and worries brought by coronavirus. Usually during lent, I try to lessen playing the scrabble game on line and not cooking too many delicious food as I loved cooking and eating. This year, I miss so much of the fun activities/ dance classes and workout I’m doing practically everyday. I miss them so much so I turn to the Lord and/or reading most of my bible study fellowship class books or reading materials and on God’s word of course. I also try to avoid eating snack and I’m telling you it’s hard as I ‘m just in the house most of the time nowadays. I’m trying not to be tempted to eat all the yummy snacks and sweets we have in the pantry. PM Abe asked the people of Japan to cooperate by staying at home if possible to prevent the virus from expanding in the country. So, for me , my life for three weeks now is really like a hard core fasting!
    To encourage my self , I often recite Psalm 121:1-8. “ I lift my eyes to the hills , where dies my help come from? My help cones from the Lord, the maker of heaven and earth. He will not let your foot slip. he who watches you will not slumber, indeed he who watches Israel will neither sleep not slumber. The sun will not harm you by the day nor the moon by night. He will watch over you. He will watch over your coming and going both now and forever. “
    The Lord is my rock and salvation. In this public health crisis, all over the world, there is ONLY one I can turn to , whom I’m sure is always with me and taking care of everything. I know this shall pass I just have to be still and know that my Lord Jesus is in control.

  2. I thought I would share a portion of the list for the World that I have been praying for today:

    • Refugees – Syria (6.7 million), Venezuela (4 – 6 million), South Sudan (1.5 million), Rohingya-Myanmar (1.3 million), Somalia (1.0 million);
    • Coronavirus – (Mainland China, Europe (especially Italy), Iran, South Korea
    • Economic Distress – The poor, economic injustice, fears of recession, stock market slide, oil price crash
    • Political Issues – Political leaders (Jamaica, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, United Kingdom, Mauritania, and Senegal); political injustice; division & disunity; apparent absence of Christian witness
    • Missionaries – Hewitts (Chris, Nicola and family) in Spain; Duff and Discipling the Next Generation in Rwanda; Daniel Anderson-Obeng (from The Gambia and being trained in London); Gary and Viktoria Joseph (finishing their tour on Logos hope)

    • Thank you Norman for the list , just to read is a blessing. I always remember Westside Ladies, Paula’s guidance and Mike’s team during my Big C. My prayer team in DXB and the missionaries who operate quietly and without luxuries throughout the UAE, India and Pakistan. My friends who had suffered and been killed in Nigeria. I pray for their families and survivors of so many atrocious wars; the guidance of those who govern that they know and follow Gods laws; for those who stay away from the Word.
      I add that prayer in Song, Day by Day
      That we may See thee more Clearly,
      Follow thee more nearly and
      Love the more dearly. DAY BY DAY.
      I always abstain from meats from Ash Wed to Easter, being more vegan during Lent. Not for
      penance, but for the purity I feel in being able to lead with a greener menu and lifestyle. You do feel healthier in mind body and spirit.
      In Him

  3. I am trying.
    I need to as I am slipping when I realize I don’t have enough control to not give my unsolicited opinion even though it can hurt someone’s feelings.
    This fasting from social media which is easy for me as I only use whatsapp to communicate I will not indulge in having lunch and snacks.
    I pray for the world and pray that the pandemic which was caused by whatever is brought to a halt in Jesus name.Amen

  4. Almighty Father,
    When I consider the pervasiveness of pain in the world, the immense quantum of need, and the deep levels of desperation, the amazing thing is that I sometimes think within my power I can cope. As I take the time to get off the treadmill of distraction, to peer over the walls of subterfuge I have allowed society to create for me, and to mentally step out of the cocoon of comfort I work hard to preserve, I see so clearly that I am just not “big enough” to cope, let alone to help. Oh but I also see clearly that you are “big enough” and you love us. There is no level of pain, need or desperation that you can’t handle. So, I run to you and find strength in you. Please equip me to be your vessel of help to a world in need – for your glory. In the name of your Son, who fully knows our needs. Amen.

    • Thanks for this prayer. I have been thinking of writing out prayers in advance for certain situations since lately I find I’m distracted/distraught in the moment. This is one I will “borrow.” 🙂
      Love you.

    • Thank you. What a beautiful prayer. I’m glad I’m in this group. I’m very much encouraged and blessed reading all the comments of the members of this group. Let’s continue praying for everyone and for the world.

  5. My time fasting wasn’t as focused as I would have liked but I’m glad I participated. I did pause more than usual to pray for the needs of others. I am thankful for this group and pray for our transformation and growth during the 40 days.

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