40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 19 – Worship


21On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people.  22They shouted, “This is the voice of a god, not of a man.”  23Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died. (Acts 12:21 – 23)


We started our consideration of the discipline of worship this week with a reminder that God is passionate about His glory.  We will end our consideration with a sober warning.  God is jealous of His glory.

The kind of glory associated with worship should never be given to anything or anyone else but God. We should also be careful not to misappropriate God’s glory for ourselves.

Please read the passage above carefully and answer the following question.



How do you guard against misplaced worship?

11 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 19 – Worship

  1. I try to maintain a humble and contrite heart. However, God is an excellent “Reminder” when we stray and worship other gods. He shows us the consequences of misguided worship, which can be very difficult, but because He is a good God that loves, He helps us to overcome.

    • I particularly like this “However, God is an excellent “Reminder” when we stray and worship other gods. He shows us the consequences of misguided worship”.

  2. No reason to stray as at my age and my worldly experience I can tell you that God is Great!
    Difficult to be in the presence of unbelievers.

  3. If your priorities as a Christian are right, you will always worship God the way you ought to. For example, if your number one priority in life is the Lord, then you won’t be able to worship idols that very often could be a thing, or even a human being. When you worship a true God, there is this amazing feeling of happiness and contentment. You know that you’re glorifying the God of universe, who can do everything in His might and power. Also, misappropriating glory to ourselves, is not possible to happen because you firmly believed in your heart and soul that you are a servant of the Lord, and you do everything for your creator out of love and awe of him, not out of duty or obligation, but because you love Him and you want to obey and please Him. Also, when you share the gospel to a non believer and if this person accepted Christ as His savior in the long run, it is not you who made it possible for the person to believe. The glory is to God, for the Holy Spirit made it possible to happen. I cited that example, because I often invite non believer friends to my church or bible study, group/meeting wherever I live or get posted. In Pakistan, when we were posted there, two of my Japanese friends became Christian but were baptized later after they returned to Japan. In Oregon, one Japanese friend became Christian, in Oman two Filipino friends started attending BSF after I took them to my church there. All of this, happened because of just randomly inviting them to church or my home for coffee or tea and then, sometimes the coversation/topic becomes about Jesus and gift of salvation. Sometines I share with them how beautiful life is , if the center is on Christ. . When these friends became Christian, I’m so happy that finally they will experience how it is to have the greatest relationship one can ever have….the relationship with Jesus . I believe God wants all of us who know Him to recognize that he is glorified, even if we just invite friends at church or bible study and ifbwe are patient enough and not to be discouraged if their first visit at church or fellowship meeting is not followed by another visit. Just glorify God that these non believers were able to set their foot in church , or in bible study room/home and the next step after that would be in God’s hands. That way, you won’t misappropriate God’s glory for yourself. You’ve done your part to share about Jesus to them and the rest, the Lord will do in His perfect timing.
    So to wrap up, whatever we do, or say reflects God’s Love. To worship and glorify Him is the reason for our existence.

    Note: I would like to request the members of this group study to please pray for me that I may continue to share and read the next topics from tomorrow. I will be very busy as my sister from US is visiting me here in Japan. We are going to see places around Japan. If I don’t share comments, for a while, it’s only because there are so mamy things going on but for sure, I will check and ponder on all the topics and questions everyday. Thank you very much!

  4. Had to stop and re read, think again. Do I ever dare NOT to give God His Glory. Have I ever miscalculated what should come out of my head and heart? Gone strange? God Forbid that I should ever stray so far.
    I know some people may not worship other Gods but other people who they look up to and aspire to be especially moneywise. I have even been told Money is my God. So sorry for these lost souls. Aurora, keep on your walk always in His path with the rest of us.

  5. God is my strength & provider, merciful, wise & loving; of that I am acutely aware.
    Although knowing that, I also know how flawed I am, and that I need to always keep close to him, in prayer & through His Word, for His continuing strength and guidance; that I always have faith & glorify Him, with joy & gratitude, in my actions, words & thoughts.

  6. As imperfect beings, we sometimes stray so far as ‘misplacing worship’ but how quickly we realize and return our Worship to God is what counts.
    We sometimes get so beat down by live and events that we sometimes don’t even realize that our actions or inactions have caused us to err and that is why i’m going with James on God being an Excellent Reminder because, he knows our very heart.
    That’s why i don’t completely agree with Aurora (By the way, have a great visiting period with your sister. You’ll be in our prayers) when she said”then you won’t be able to worship idols that very often could be a thing, or even a human being” and “misappropriating glory to ourselves, is not possible to happen” because like i said at first, we are humans and this things kinda have a way of creeping in. Saying things like this to me feels like saying ‘anyone that misappropriates worship whether purposefully or not, doesn’t have a right standing with God to begin with.
    But then again, it’s just my view.

    One thing am certain of though, is that, as long as we have decided in our hearts to live only for God, even when we stray, he’ll always leave behind the 99 to find us and return us to his ways of truth and light for He is All-wise, All-Powerful, Merciful, Loving and our Strength in times of weakness.

  7. Having said the above, I want to add that studies like this, and topics like today’s help us stay grounded. So yeah, thanks to the Team responsible for this study and Thanks to God who made it so.

    • Thank you very much for your very thoughtful contributions Sarah! Agreement or disagreement with the quote from Aurora’s contribution may be dependent on our interpretation of the condition she states at the start, “If you priorities as a Christian are right”. Of course, you may still disagree and that is perfectly acceptable for our study. I think it is very important that we learn from each other through dialogue as the Holy Spirit directs. I also believe thoughtful dialogue often helps us to clarify our thoughts. Thanks again – your input makes a big difference!

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