40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 28 – Review


As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another. (Proverbs 27:17)

It is time to review what you have learned this week about the Disciplines of Fellowship and Counsel viewed through the lens of love.

Please prayerfully consider our conversations over the past week.  This blog site makes it quite easy to review thoughts and comments from the past week if you need a refresh.   Please answer the following questions:

Today’s Questions for comments:

  • What are the top three or four “big ideas” that you picked up during the past week?
  • What practical steps can you take to make the Disciplines of Fellowship and the Counsel more of a habit?

Next week we will consider the Disciplines of Service and Stewardship.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 28 – Review

  1. What are the top three or four “big ideas” that you picked up during the past week?
    1. I need to take some active steps to seek the counsel of others more of a habit, because I know the value of this discipline in light of the fact that I am often an individual who others seek counsel from.

    2. I was very much impacted by the need to continually pursue being more and more like our Lord in the area of being gentle, but non-compromising, when rebuking others when they have erred. I learned that the Lord rebuked but did it while allowing for the person being rebuked to maintain fellowship with him.

    3. Fellowship is a powerful witness of the love of Jesus in operation.

    What practical steps can you take to make the Disciplines of Fellowship and the Counsel more of a habit?
    1. Make deliberate effort to seek cousel from individuals who I know have my interest at heart.
    2. Continue to attend and participate in social events hosted by other churches.

  2. When trying to seek counsel it makes it easier if the person is compassionate. I do not like to be preached to,
    I seem to give counsel also .

  3. FELLOWSHIP is much more than liming – the centre of true Christian fellowship is Jesus Christ – as iron sharpens iron – believers are united in Christ spurring each other on to greater faith, love and works of goodness. They are a shining example to the world that the Father, Jesus Christ and believers are ONE. (example John 17:23).

    CHRISTIAN fellowship advances the Kingdom of GOD here on earth. Christians must be BIG in mind to receive BIG things – with one common purpose and goal in continuing the work begun by the early church – that non believers should hear the Gospel and BELIEVE.

    LIKE in Acts 15 Christian fellowship and counsel ought to facilitate the guidance of Believers and Non Believers alike on the correct application of doctrine. For instance the cultural revolution towards the acceptance of gay marriage in the West. What does the church have to say? From what I hear and read, there is a cacophony of paranoia, contradiction and even capitulation to culture in some churches. Where, O where is the clear, unified voice of the True Church.

    LEADERSHIP and a great love for GOD and others is required for the growth of Christian fellowship and counsel. There are leaders amongst us because GOD will not let HIS church fail because his WORD will not return void (Isaiah 55:11). Therefore let us arise from our silos and self-preoccupation and strengthen and encourage one another with love, acts of kindness and TEACHING – because my people fail due to lack of knowledge (e.g. Hosea 4:6). Let us take up our crosses and be different. We have been called to do this.

  4. The big ideas for me this week are:
    1. Be intentional about seeking counsel.
    2. Prioritize my time so that i can experience meaningful fellowship.
    3. Be available for others who can benefit from the gifts i have received.

  5. Your comments are worthy of multiple readings because they are so rich with insights. Thanks! May we all act with deliberate intent in the strength of the Lord to use the Disciplines of Fellowship and Counsel to advance the kingdom of God.

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