40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 26 – Fellowship (basic Discipline)

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Jesus as one member of the Trinity certainly knew about fellowship. So when fellowship is affected we are certain that He would want to do something about it. Peter, one of Jesus’ disciples found that out. On the night he was betrayed, Peter himself didn’t have an inspiring time either. He denied knowing Jesus three times, each time the more vigorous and the more offensive than the time before. Peter was left heartbroken, thinking he had failed Jesus irretrievably. My relationship with Jesus is over, he must have thought.

But Jesus had other ideas. At His resurrection, He specifically said to those at the tomb to tell the disciples AND Peter. In Galilee where he later met the disciples he took the time out to specifically speak with Peter who must have felt ashamed to face Him, to restore the broken relationship and tell him there were things left for him to do.

True friends know how to restore fellowship. The idea of broken fellowship is a jarring one. This does not sit well; it has got to be fixed. Romans 12:18 tell us that if it is all possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone. It’s not always possible but nothing should surmount a relationship we share with others. We need at all costs to preserve the fellowship that we share, not ignore differences that might arise but seek to work them out and say, my relationship with you is more important than what separates us. I’m putting down my stones.

Today think about where you are. Are you like Jesus in a position to restore, or like Peter in need of the restoration? Maybe it is time to take the first step, to move towards the other person like Jesus did and say sorry over an action or a word long past, or say to the other let’s get together so we can work this out. It’s never easy I know but it’s worth it.

Tomorrow we will look at some things which can destroy fellowship.

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