40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 15 – Prayer (basic Discipline)

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“Unto thee o Lord do I lift up my soul.”

Did you find obstacles to your faith to pray about during the day yesterday?  On any given day there are more obstacles than you might initially think?

By now you should be accustomed to the routine.  You are required to pray to start your day, pray during the day, and pray towards the end of the day.  Of course you are not restricted to only pray for the items prescribed.  Here are the minimum requirements for today:

  • Start of Day Requirement:  On this fifth day we are going to focus on protection but we are going to do something different.  I would like you to pray from a Psalm.  Here are some great Psalms that relate to protection:
    • Psalm 3,
    • Psalm 57,
    • Psalm 61:1-5,
    • Psalm 63:1-8, or
    • Psalm 71.

Pick one or more of these passages, read it/them, internalize it and then pray it. You may need to read the passage more than once before truly making the words your own.  Reflect on how great a refuge God is and give Him praise.

  • During the Day Requirement:  Focus on the necessities of life that we take for granted:  family, friends, transportation, housing, a job, etc.  As you encounter these everyday necessities today, give God thanks.
  • End of Day Requirement:  Think about what transpired today and talk to God about it.  What went well and what didn’t go so well.  Confess your shortcomings and thank him for the power and help he provides.  Remember to pray for requests that have been left on the blog site.

Prayer thought for today:  We shouldn’t want to pray because of access to power, we should want to pray because of access to Love!

Please use the comments option to leave and review prayer requests.

One thought on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 15 – Prayer (basic Discipline)

  1. What would life be without obstacles.? In a real sense we need them if we are to grow strong in the Lord, but we must also be victorious.
    Yesterday I left home all fired up to be victorious after spending time in His presence, and within one km from home I became impatient at a slow moving intersection. And guess what, I acted wrongly. I knew then what I did was wrong and confessed my shortcomings. I had a second chance again at night – as the requirement this week is to reflect at night activities of the day- thanks to God He is always there to hear you and to allow you to grow as you draw near to Him.
    When you face your next obstacle, remember it is an opportunity designed for growth. Ask God for wisdom, He will give you the strength to be victorious. At the end of the day in reflection you would have much to praise Him for.

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