40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline:  Day 20 – Fellowship


They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread and to prayer. (Acts 2:42, New International Version)

Theme:  The Local Church


Thanks again for all the great comments as we considered worship!  As we now turn our attention to the Discipline of Fellowship we will begin by considering some questions about the role of Fellowship in your local church.  First, some brief background on fellowship.

Koinonia is a transliterated form of a Greek word, which is often translated as fellowship in the New Testament.  Fellowship has a range of meanings, but many relate to having things in common in Christ.  What’s for sure is that fellowship is much more than getting together for social events. 

Primary Questions:

  1. Does your local church teach about the biblical principles of fellowship?
  2. Is fellowship used with intentionality for spiritual growth and evangelism?
  3. Do your local church leaders serve as good role models where fellowship is concerned?
  4. Would you characterize your local church as a place where trust has a high premium?

Optional Secondary Questions (if you have the time):

  1. Does your local church facilitate small group settings to facilitate fellowship?
  2. Is diversity (across physical and other dimensions) and inclusion encouraged in your local church?

Your Feedback:

While you are not expected to share your answers to the questions above, we would still love to hear from you.  Based on your answers to the questions, what is your general observation about how local churches relate to fellowship?

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline:  Day 20 – Fellowship

  1. Fellowship at church is of course an important factor in every church. Without it, there’s no church. It is always encouraging to worship with church family. Being in the congregation, praising, worshiping and supporting one another by praying and studying God’s word is the fellowship that every believer has to experience in the church. I always like the ladies bible study and fellowship groups In churches. Sometimes it can also be a mixed group of men and women, or young adults, or men only or couples class that are available for all members and even for non members of church. Fellowship and church cannot be separated . The bonding of the body of Christ is the key to the growth of church and its members. It is through fellowship that you get to know other believers, interacting and praying with then is a “ normal” thing for every church . Having consistent prayer groups and bible study class is an integral part of worship. It completes our purpose of serving, loving and honoring our God and savior Jesus Christ.

  2. In our church fellowship is displayed in various settings. The corporate body is divided into several groups which ministers to the development of our worship/witness and operates from a foundation of prayer and bible study. It is through these settings that friendships are developed and ministry happens on the spiritual, physical and emotional level. Additionally it keeps us accountable to each other. Thankfully, our leadership is very supportive of members offering their talents to the church and by extension the local community.

  3. Its encouraging to read the positive reviews about local churches. It reinforces the fact that I have not tried hard to find a good church. While I had a very positive fellowship experience at a local church in Trinidad, the church I attended in Baltimore for several years fell short until I simply stopped going and have not bothered to find a new church since. Unfortunately the church I attended was cliquish, the pastor seemed only to talk to his church staff and keeps to himself, he never said a word to me or my mom even though we attended regularly for years. The bible study group turned out to be a mini sermon with the pastor doing all the talking and not facilitating any audience participation. The pastor is mentored by a celebrity pastor and it appears he wants to be one. The church also keeps the lights dimmed so you cant see anyone far less get to know anyone. That’s my experience with fellowship at my local church…

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