40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 2 – Preparation


For physical training is of some value, but godliness has value for all things, holding promise for both the present life and the life to come. (1 Timothy 4:8)

There are a few people who appear to be disciplined in all areas of their lives.  However, the more prevalent situation is that there are certain areas of our lives where we exercise a lot of discipline and certain areas of our lives where we don’t.  As you continue to review the information on the Disciplines (www.40daysofdiscipline.com), think about why your degree of success might vary from Discipline to another Discipline.

For your convenience here is a checklist:

    Level of Discipline
Discipline What success looks like High Medium Low
Bible Study A habit of regular Bible study.      
Prayer A habit of praying in all circumstances.      
Worship A lifestyle of submission to God.      
Fellowship Commitment not to “go it alone” but rather to grow with other believers.      
Fasting Periodically sacrificing our natural desires for a deeper relationship with Jesus.      
Creation An attitude of enjoying God’s creation.      
Stewardship Daily choosing to submit to God’s agenda since he owns everything.      
Spiritual Warfare Recognizing and resisting temptations.      
Service Daily choosing to go where Jesus would go and do what Jesus would do.      
Sabbath Commitment to setting apart a day for rest.      
Counsel A humble spirit which leads to seeking and receiving wise advice.      

Please consider today’s questions and share your thoughts if you feel led to do so.

Today’s Question for comments:

Why do you think God didn’t just automatically transform all believers into disciplined individuals?

9 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 2 – Preparation

  1. When one work towards being discipline in any aspect in life a greater appreciation for the level of discipline achieved is felt… likewise if we discipline ourselves to complete this 40 days and we do so an appreciation for not only completion but for the discipline level achieve during this time will last and motivate us to become discipline in other areas.

  2. Why do you think God didn’t just automatically transform all believers into disciplined individuals?
    I’m not sure. It would make life easier. 😊 But then I think about the children of Israel. He probably didn’t make us all disciplined individuals for the same reason He didn’t take the Israelites on the short route to the Promised Land. They needed the journey to grow in their understanding of who God is and their need to trust and obey Him.
    This journey we are on to develop these disciplines will give us a richer relationship with Christ than if we got it without participation.

  3. Why do you think God didn’t just automatically transform all believers into disciplined individuals?
    The Original plan of God for us is that we stay disciplined[Adam and Eve] and be disciples. But man fell due to his own doing and choice.
    Between the physical world that we have to live and the spiritual disciplines we must attain, there is war going on within us to find a balance. The disciplines will help us to to live in a world without one.

  4. Wow what a question! From my perspective to be strong in all disciplines mentor ship and leadership is important. I think small groups are important to spur on and encourage believers – headed by a strong and passionate leader. In my own life I do well at some disciplines because they are intuitive for me and relevant to my day to day life. While other disciplines are counter intuitive and so I struggle to instill them in my life even though I understand them at an intellectual level. Fasting for example I find incredibly inconvenient and have never practiced it (at least not for spiritual reasons) even though intellectually I accept there is great value in it.

    In conclusion, i believe some of the disciplines are at an intellectual level for me, rather than a heart level. Like I started,. I hope to find a strong mentor and vibrant group to support my growth.

  5. Good question. It is primarily because it is not the end goal (ie. disciplined indiviudals) that is of most importance. It is what we become in the process that is important! Process…Process…Process. We must all go through it.

  6. Most of you have touched on the topic of a process, which will link perfectly with our discussion on Day 3. I get the sense from the comments that the “process” plays a key role in our relationship with God. Your comments are greatly appreciated.

  7. If He did, there’d be no need to strive to be closer to Him by engaging in spiritual activities that result in growth. It would be like a beneficiary who may be appreciative but has no clue how hard someone else had worked to pass on freely something for the recipient to enjoy.

  8. We may never fully understand God’s mind and therefore, probably could never answer this question sufficiently. Perhaps, the analogy with the growth of a tree sapling could help a little.

    Three years ago, I planted a tall, slender tree sapling in our backyard only to see it a few weeks later being tossed around by strong winds and premature snowfall. As weeks went by, I thought it may not survive the season. Out of concern, I thought I should put in some temporary support, which I did. But the sapling was still being tossed about frequently. Next spring, with the supports removed, the leaves came back. It is now free standing.

    Facing the strong wind forces, the roots probably dug in deeper to take better hold and the sapling learned to stand up by itself. Perhaps, God did not automatically turn us into disciplined individuals, so that we could learn from the storms in our lives and develop deeper roots in Him and be stronger. Self developed disciplines (sometimes through tough experiences) tend to be more productive than those that are externally imposed.

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