40 Days of Discipline

40 Days of Discipline: Day 14 – Prayer (basic Discipline)


“It’s me, it’s me o Lord standing in the need of prayer”

 Did you remember to pray before most of your activities?  How does it feel to have an ally that you can trust totally?

By now you should be accustomed with the routine.  You are required to pray to start your day, pray during the day, and pray towards the end of the day.  Of course you are not restricted to only pray for the items prescribed.  Here are the minimum requirements for today:

  • Start of Day Requirement:  On this fourth day we are going to start with a focus on victory.  Thing about all the things God has given you victory over.  How is God working in your life to positively change it?  Even if it is small steps, acknowledge it.  You are not what you used to be.  Proclaim the transforming power of the Love of Jesus and comfort of the indwelling Holy Spirit.
  • During the Day Requirement:  Look out for obstacles to your faith and pray for God’s intervention.  These obstacles may be just about anything you interact with (e.g., individuals, institutions, computer, and television ) that are not aligned to God’s will and, therefore, opposed to your welfare.
  • End of Day Requirement:  Think about what transpired today and talk to God about it.  What went well and what didn’t go so well.  Confess your shortcomings and thank him for the power and help he provides.  Check to see if any prayer requests have been left on the blog site and pray for them.

 Prayer thought for today:  Why hold an invaluable resource in reserve when it is inexhaustible – PRAY!

Remember, we will be collecting prayer requests on the blog site.  Please use the comments option to leave and review prayer requests.

5 thoughts on “40 Days of Discipline: Day 14 – Prayer (basic Discipline)

  1. Morning family,
    I would like for you all to remember a recruitment breakfast that we’re having for about 10-15 students this Saturday. We don’t have a venue as yet. Pray for this and also that the Lord would send the students that He wants to be there. Thanks

  2. Please pray for Claude. He is ill and suffering and believes that God is angry with him and therefore punishing him. Pray that he will know the gentle and loving kindness of God already manifested in the loving care given to him by his daughter, that he will acknowledge his need of the Saviour and come to the understanding that Jesus loves him just as he is.

  3. As we focus on victory today I reflect on how I have learned about how wonderful it is to thank the Holy Spirit for His conviction, instead of just only feeling bad or ashamed when I do something wrong. I have realised that He is giving me this great opportunity to do better because of His own graciousness and forgiveness. Thank you Lord for that!!

  4. Our Father gives grace and grace more abundantly than I expect. I had a plan to ignore someone that I call “a snake in the grass” if I ran into her today (our last encounter I did). I was anxious about seeing her and how unpleasant it could be, so ignoring her would be the best. However during my prayer time I decided to run my plan by the Lord. I ran into her when I least expected it, and to my surprise I said “hello”, (she ignored me) but I felt really good about my action. I replaced my desire with what the Lord wanted.
    2 Corinthians 12v9 says. My grace is sufficient for thee, for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

  5. I am requesting prayers for the children of our country. The recent upsurge in reports of violent behaviour in our schools is alarming. God has blessed us all with children, to love them, teach them, nurture their development by modelling acceptable behaviour.
    We have not taken this task seriously.

    My prayer is for adults, parents, teachers, leaders … to lead by example. We need to intentionally seek out our children to assist them in preparation for the rich life God has destined.

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